Sunday, January 27, 2008

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JFK'S DAUGHTER ENDORSES OBAMA AS HER FATHER'S HEIR: But dare I say the old man would vote for John McCain, who has done more than any other candidate to turn around the situation in Iraq? President Kennedy passionately believed that the United States military should master the art of irregular and counterinsurgency warfare. He also believed passionately that we must work tireless to promote democracy across the globe and defeat it's enemies.

There is an extensive debate, of course, about what Kennedy would have done in Vietnam had he lived to win a second term. But his principles were very clear.

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The Obama Dems are pushing him as the new JFK, looking for a returm to Camelot. They have one thing right. Much of Camelot was a media myth, much like the substance to Obama.

The Democratic party of today bears little resemblance to the Democratic party of JFK.

JFK has probably turned in his grave more than once over the years, at the antics of Edward Kennedy.
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