Saturday, January 26, 2008

# Posted 12:08 PM by Taylor Owen  

LINE OF THE DAY: "Giuliani has turned hurricanes into nature’s way of saying Al Qaeda." Gail Collins, NYT
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Again, Owen, you no-talent zero-content meathead, why are you here? I mean, what can explain your presence among this company? Do they need you for ballast? I drift back, see Adesnik's posts (welcome back!), and remember why I once admired this site - then it's you again.

I suppose they can't take me on as I am not an Oxonian, but it is unpossible to suggest that you cannot be replaced.

Will someone provide a link to a post of Owen's that will inspire anything but contempt, please? Surely there is one.

Maybe you would be happier at Andrew Sullivan's, Owen. That's more your level with these catty one-liners, which is probably about as far as you are trusted not to positively soil yourself (a mistaken judgment IMHO, one line is plenty for you).

And before dear Dr. Porter asks me for a more substantive reply - reply to what?
lol. lighten up man.
yeah, wow. it's been said many times, but I still find it amazing how people will behave in a manner online that they would consider absurd and embarrassing in a face-to-face situation.

well, at least the comments weren't anonymous. ;)
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