Friday, January 11, 2008

# Posted 11:19 AM by Taylor Owen  

OK...SO MEGLOMANIA MY BE A BIT OF AN ISSUE....: That being said, this new ad running in Nevada hits a core element of Obama's message. In particular, the line "I don't want to spend the next 4 years re-fighting the fights of the 1990's" is nicely indicative of the generational shift that Obama's candidacy represents. More on this to come, but for now, here is the new ad:


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t's a good commercial, but it's probably bullshit. He says lots of nice things, but never says how he's going to do them. As a centrist who talks regularly to both liberals and conservatives and struggles to find common ground with either.

I would dearly LOVE to know how he's going to avoid re-fighting the fights of the 90s when neither side is willing to budge an inch on any issue. Whether its abortion, social security, medicare, healthcare, taxes, the war, or environmental issues, both sides have their heels dug in deep.

What's he got, magic beans?

Take a surf over to centerfield if you ever want to chat with centrist skeptics like me. I'm the cranky critter.
Obama should be new president! Vote for him:) See.
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