Sunday, January 27, 2008

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"Race doesn't matter!" the crowd at Obama's victory celebration in Columbia chanted last night, and when he spoke, the senator elaborated on the theme. He said his victory disproved those who argue that people "think, act and even vote within the categories that supposedly define us" -- that blacks will not vote for a white candidate and vice versa.
From Sunday's WaPo. Compare with the South Carolina exit polls.

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1. obama *handily* won the young (18-29) non-black vote, beating edwards and clinton *combined* in that demographic (52 vs. 27+21).

2. in the somewhat older non-black demographic (ages 30-44), obama lost, but not by that much (he was only 9 points behind hillary, 34 vs. 25).

3. obama split second place in the non-black male vote with hillary. if it was all about race, that wouldn't have happened.

4. overall, obama manged one quarter of a southern state's white vote going up against a seasonedq campaigner who had a 10 point lead in the state until very recently, and the winner of the same primary in 2004 (who also happened to be a native son), both of whom happened to be white. i'd say that was pretty respectable.
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