Sunday, January 06, 2008

# Posted 10:30 AM by Taylor Owen  

Top of head thoughts from Sunday show appearances:

Huckabee: Fun, well spoken, but amateur. Doesn't hold up well when pressed.

McCain: Experienced but old. His strength has the potential to be his weakness - its ok to be a straight talker, unless people don't like what you are saying - ie, 100 years in Iraq.

Romney: Too smarmy by half. Uses a polled keyword in every sentence and often they don't connect. Full of it.

Edwards: Fighting the wrong fight. I don't think that the lobbying battle can carry anyone to the white house. He is the old left. An Obama-Edwards debate would be a fascinating battle for the future of the left.
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taylor, what do oxford liberals mean these days by the "old left"? you've used this term a few times now - another i remember was in reference to naomi klein's book.

but more to the point, what's the new left? are you in it? what's new about it? how do members of the 'new' left propose to halt, let alone reverse, 25 years of rising wealth inequality without naming and confronting capitalism (in Klein's case) or more tepidly the corporate lobby (in edwards' case)?

and keep in mind that to antediluvian leftists neither edwards nor klein are Left in the sense of anti-capitalist. to these prehistoric fossils, hearing you refer to someone like john edwards as any shade of left reads more like a comment on the conservative circles you move in.

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