Thursday, January 03, 2008

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BREATHTAKING: Wow. Obama's speech was breathtaking. And what a contrast to Clinton's. She was on stage with Bill, Albright and Clark - the old white establishment. And that is what it comes down to. A generational divide and a new politics.
While a similar dynamic can also in part explain the Huckabee Romney dichotomy, the nature of the GOP field simply precludes the simplistic change versus status quo story line emerging on the democratic side.
Go Obama! (with Biden as vp...)

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I'm not sure I'd classify Obama's victory speech as "breathtaking."

But, Taylor, you're spot on in your take on the stage presence of Hillary and company.
I believe the "old white establishment" is the Huckabee and Romney camp.
Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah!
Cleaner than his VP, ha-ha-ha!

Are any of you people ever in New York? We gotta get drunk together sometime. Then maybe I can take you seriously.

Or at least I can catch up. How can you let this go out under your own name, Owen?

Look. Put down the keyboard, and go and read George Orwell's essay, "Second Thoughts on James Burnham."

When you have learned something, come back and post again. Take your time. Like you said to Porter, a couple of months is no big deal.

Really. Get it together. The only reason I don't commit to shaming you off this blog right here and now, which would be nothing, is because I would then feel obliged to fill the void, and I don't know yet if there's anything in it for me. (Do they pay you?)

Then your name would be mud and I would have nothing to show for it. So I'd just as lief you, uh, learn something.

Uh, wait...to paraphrase Thelonious Monk, "Are you black, Taylor?" Do you need to be graded on a curve?

(A sentence like "She was on stage with Bill, Albright and Clark - the old white establishment" gives me the right to ask.)

I'm gonna let it alone now because you'd just feel like I was piling on. And I gotta get up in the morning and give blood. So TTFN.

(New politics! LOLLOLLOLLLOLOL!!!! ROFLMAOTIWMP!!!!!!!!!eleven!!4 No, no, I promised...Bye now)
Absolutely: the most important thing to note about Obama's speech is not the content but who is audience was, and how they reacted.

The content of the speech itself, while perhaps "breathtaking" in its delivery, was actually pretty standard Obama boilerplate. I think there's reason to be concerned that his line could become very, very stale by November. Then again, Obama (or Hillary, for that matter) doesn't need to worry about not winning in the general, unless McCain is the Republican nominee.
new politics is when the american electorate decides they want democracy.

old politics is when they replace one face with another. a new face who so far is just empty words.

if you don't change the system, no amount cosmetic babble has any use except to delay the next bushaster.
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