Monday, February 23, 2009

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MR. [DAVID] GREGORY: What is the state of the Republican Party?

GOV. [BOBBY] JINDAL: Look, our Republican Party got fired with cause these last two election cycles. We became the party that defended spending, corruption that we never should've tolerated, and we stopped offering relevant solutions to the problems that Americans care about.
Jindal isn't going easy on the GOP. Nor should he. At the same time, popular governors -- such as Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton -- have the advantage of being able to attack their comrades in Washington without implicating themselves.

Jindal continued:
We can't just be the party of no, we have to offer real solutions. We stand ready to work with our president. I think he, he has a chance to, to work and lead our country in a bipartisan way. Unfortunately, with the stimulus he allowed Congressional leaders to write this bill.
Tomorrow night, Jindal will provide the GOP response to President Obama's televised address. I think his message is the right one. In spite of what has happened the past few weeks, the party is still ready to work with the President if his programs are bipartisan in substance.

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