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SHE IS NOT THE ONE: In a sense you have to sympathize with Hillary. She was supposed to be the one who inspired the enthusiasm of Bill's initial run. She was supposed to be the one who brought in the desired change away from the Bush years. She was supposed to be the one that the left rallied around. She was supposed to be the one that a new generation got excited about. She was supposed to be the one that made history. She was supposed to be the one that became a movement. She was supposed to be the one.

In almost any other election, she may very well have been.

The only problem, of course, is that this came along:

I suppose it's impossible to predict when a political campaign will/has become a movement. It certainly has that feeling now though, and they must know that this is what they are fighting against. Regardless, it can't be easy realizing that you may be on the wrong side of history, but increasingly you just get the feeling that the Clintons are getting in the way...

UPDATE: The Youtube seems to be down. The video is here though.

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You're right, it's hard to judge when a campaign becomes a movement. Yet if we judge this campaign against almost any other in recent history, we have to judge the Obama campaign on another level - because it simply is. Hillary is still ahead in most of the Super-Tuesday States, including delegate rich California. However, as the hours tick by, as the days move on, Obama is gaining ground. In almost every poll he is gaining ground and one this is for sure, this is going to be the closest thing we've ever had to a National Primary.
"There are no causes entirely lost because there are no causes entirely gained either."

Russell Kirk

Beware of talking about being on the "wrong side of history." That position is rarely as obvious as partisans say at the time.

Jimmy Carter once captured the imagination of a country wanting a different tone in politics. Four years later all he proved was that he was tone deaf!

Historically, presidents such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, who come to office promising change just by their very election, accomplish little and are followed by presidents who make major changes in public policy.

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