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WHEN FRIENDS ARE THE WORST ENEMY: Presumably, Professors Walt and Mearsheimer are slightly embarrassed that:
[David] Duke, a white supremacist whose website is dominated by articles and tape-recordings condemning Jews and Israel, devoted his entire half-hour Internet radio broadcast on March 18 to [Walt & Mearsheimer's] paper, reading from it at length and suggesting that it confirms his long-stated views.

''Now it is finally revealed by some of the top academic sources in the country," Duke said. ''It is not just David Duke anymore. None other than researchers at Harvard and the University of Chicago" have said that ''the Israel lobby controls US foreign policy and is responsible for this war" in Iraq. ''What a fantastic step forward this is."

UPDATE: Well, they're somewhat embarrassed:
Mr. Walt said last night, "I have always found Mr. Duke's views reprehensible, and I am sorry he sees this article as consistent with his view of the world."
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David Duke served as a Republican state legislator in Louisiana. He ran as Republican for the US Senate seat in 1990 and garnered 43.5 percent of the vote. It does say something about Republicans.
Let's get a little more current: in 2003, many of these same voters followed their racial prejudices once again and voted for the Democratic candidate for governor - Kathleen Blanco - over the Republican Indian-American Bobby Jindal. Blanco's campaign courted these voters and that also says something about Democrats.
Yes, let's get a little more current. Louisiana then elected Jindal to Congress in 2004, so what was your point?

Did I mention that David Duke is a Republican? He also ran as a Republican in a 1999 special election to fill a House seat and won 19 percent of the vote.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Right Wing shouldn't be mentioning David Duke. They should be apologizing for him.
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