Wednesday, January 09, 2008

# Posted 9:03 AM by Ariel David Adesnik  

I'M EATING CROW WITH EGG ON MY FACE: Just hours ago, I hit back at those who once said Obama could never win the nomination. My post was self-congratulatory, to say the least. It took for granted an Obama victory in New Hampshire. I never thought the polls could be that far off.

You gotta love a system that constantly proves the know-it-alls to be wrong.


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The question is, why were they so right on McCain but so wrong on Hillary? Perhaps the folks in NH did not want to appear to object to Obama when they responded to the pollsters. In the privacy of the booth the truth prevails.

If the eleventh hour Hillary Drizzle caused many to change their vote we're in big trouble.
Man, what a deal! All these people have built a career on making predictions and then, after the vote is in, telling us why they were right, or why they where wrong--no matter which.

You play a shell game on the streets of New York, you get arrested. You play the same game on TV, you're a star!
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